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    Alembiq Cocktails

    Alembiq Espresso Martini

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    Alembiq Espresso Martini is made from our Tempranillo grape alcohol-based vodka – oh so uncommon and oh so special. It is then blended with 100% natural cold brew espresso from café Arabica and our own craft coffee liqueur to create a luxuriously rich cocktail that has aromas of orange, cacao and vanilla.

    Perfect Serve

    Pour 80ml or 90ml of the Espresso Martini in a shaker filled with cracked ice cubes. Shake vigorously for a nice foamy head. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with 3 coffee beans.

    Your Guilty Pleasure

    Indulge in the sweet deliciousness of the Espresso Martini as you take in aromas of coffee, vanilla and orange. Have it as a post-dinner dessert or whenever you fancy!                         .


    Tempranillo Grapes

    Tempranillo comes from Temprano which means early in Spanish - aptly named since these grapes ripen earlier than other native grapes of Spain.

     Our craft vodka is based on these special grape alcohol and brings a wonderfully unique touch to our Espresso Martini.

    Cold Brew Espresso 

    The rich coffee flavour comes from cold brew café Arabica espresso which is the star ingredient of the cocktail.

    Best vodka cocktail

    Versatile in how you take it

    Enjoy as cocktail or in affogato