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    Alembiq Cocktails

    Alembiq Negroni

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    25% ABV, 500ml

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    A classic bitter-sweet gin-based cocktail, the Alembiq Negroni is made using our own craft gin, sweet red vermouth, and orange bitter.

    With delicate notes of wood and citrus, the Negroni leaves a mellow combination of sweetness and bitterness in your palate.

    Perfect Serve

    Pour 80ml or 90ml of the Negroni in a rock glass filled with a couple of large ice cubes. Stir gently. Garnish with an orange wedge or peel. And that’s it! Alembiq Negroni is ready to drink and enjoy.

    Your Special Moment

    Unwinding after work, getting together with friends or entertaining guests, the Negroni is the perfect aperitif. Take a sip, sit back and let your mind wander to happy memories.


    Tempranillo Grapes

    Tempranillo comes from Temprano which means early in Spanish - aptly named since these grapes ripen earlier than other native grapes of Spain.

    Our craft gin is based on these special grape alcohol and brings a wonderfully unique touch to our Negroni.

    Bitter Oranges

    These super aromatic fruits infuse the streets of Seville with the heavenly aroma of their blossoms every spring.

    We use them for our handcrafted orange bitters that give the Alembiq Negroni its characteristic bitterness

    Classic Aperitif

    Stimulate your senses

    Elevate your moments of relaxation